Think about it. Half of the women in the world have never experienced the pleasure of orgasm. No climax of any kind. Ever. Even for many who may have once enjoyed the sensation regularly, sex after pregnancy is simply no longer the same. 50% of all women endure complications such as fatigue, a state of unyielding distraction, and seismic hormonal changes that often wreak havoc on a woman’s libido. The emotional effects can, of course, be staggering. Consequently, relationships suffer…if they survive at all.

Over the past five years, the Swiss inventors of LOVERA have been channeling its considerable skills toward creating a product that would counteract women’s libido problems and help save relationships. Their main priority is to achieve a powerful and effective but strictly all-natural remedy, and also to prevent the possibility of harmful side effects.

The result is LOVERA, a life-changing nutritional supplement that enhances sexual desire.

The product has been clinically tested by Dr. Rainer Pawelke in Germany on women between the ages of 33 and 65. The results are impressive. 86% of trial subjects gave LOVERA the highest possible score saying its benefits were “very good”, while 9% judged the benefits as “good,” and only 4% “moderate.” 95% of subjects had no issues with the product while 5% had slight agreeability issues. All of the women said they felt that there were no real risks involved when taking LOVERA..

The inventors found a major solution for dysfunction of the female sex drive, and the wanted the product to be available to women everywhere. They searched for just the right spokesperson and started teaming up with Swiss-Senegalese model, mother, and wife Khadija Donaltelli Neumann. Too often Khadija, a reliable confidante, found herself providing comfort to one friend or another whose partner had expressed frustration and resentment or had even strayed from marriage due the woman’s indifference for sex.

But for Khadija it is even more deeply personal than that.

Experts estimate that more than 90 million women in Khadija’s native Africa have suffered genital mutilation, a practice in which parts or the whole of female genitalia are removed to control a woman’s sexual desire. The procedure is typically performed on pre-pubescent girls without anesthesia — leaving, or resulting in, a lifelong scar that supposedly makes them suitable for marriage.

For Khadija satisfaction during sex is an act of liberation. Championing LOVERA — an obligation.

Khadija insists LOVERA is not a magic pill that saves troubled marriages. But if sex is at the heart of a couple’s problems, LOVERA can come awfully close. This ground-breaking food supplement is packed with powerful natural ingredients including pomegranate, maca root, and soyasoflavone — a carefully tested mixture of the finest super foods providing a perfect blend to balance hormones and increase a woman’s desire for intimacy. Taken three times daily, LOVERA produces wide-ranging effects: from heightened blood flow and overall energy; to more intense vaginal sensitivity, lubrication, and orgasms. It not only heightens passion, it also reduces symptoms of menopause.

Khadija is convinced LOVERA is more than a simple food supplement. It’s a symbol of your lifestyle – a healthy blessing from which women of every age can benefit. “This is not a product that should be hidden in your bag,” Khadija says,”It should be celebrated and shared among women. In many ways LOVERA liberates all women— and by doing so, empowers them. It’s a weapon in a quiet revolution where everybody wins.”