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Boost Female Libido With All Natural Pill
New Clinically Tested Supplement Enhances Female Sexual Desire in 90 Percent of Cases

Encino, California – July 1, 2013 — LOVERA today announced its new all-natural supplement formulated for women to increase their libido. By combining an array of the best high quality, natural, and exotic ingredients into an easy-to-take capsule, LOVERA targets hormone balancing to offset imbalances due to any number of reasons including childbearing, menopause, or stress and fatigue from a daily routine. The result often counters the devastating effects, with a renewed physical aspect enhancing relationships and marriage.

LOVERA ( differs from other libido products by combining high quality super foods into a dietary supplement derived from powerful natural ingredients including pomegranate, maca root, and soy isoflavone. This formula creates a perfect and nutritional blend to balance hormones leading to increased desire for intimacy.

Due to LOVERA’s effectiveness, celebrities like Khadija Donatelli Neumann are championing the product not only for women experiencing libido challenges, but for those women impacted from something more severe. Neumann is a spokesperson and advocate for the estimated 90-million women from her native Africa who have received some form of female genital mutilation (FGM). While culturally acceptable, the procedure is often performed on pre-pubescent girls without anesthesia, leaving a lifelong scar making them suitable for marriage; however they may never experience the pleasure associated with sexual desire.

“LOVERA is ideal for any woman that yearns to have that fountain of youth back from having a healthy sex life,” said Khadija Donaltelli Neumann, celebrity, model and LOVERA spokeswoman. “It should be celebrated and shared among women. In many ways LOVERA liberates all women— and by doing so, empowers them. It’s a weapon in a quiet revolution where everybody wins.”

LOVERA, developed in Switzerland and manufactured in Germany, is the result of over 5-years of dedicated focus to meet the challenges of female sexual dysfunction. The result has achieved a remedy for female libido problems with the priority to create a strictly all-natural remedy that prevents the possibility of harmful side effects. LOVERA is also a natural supplement to help combat the increasing cases of premature menopause found in women at or younger than 45-years of age. Cases have been linked to medical interventions such as chemotherapy or surgical procedures including breast and ovarian cancers.

To ensure product safety, the remedy was clinically tested by independent researcher Dr. Rainer Pawelke, M.D. on women between the ages of 33 and 65. Taken three times daily as directed, the respondents confirmed LOVERA’s wide-ranging effects: from heightened blood flow and overall energy; to more intense vaginal sensitivity, lubrication, and orgasms, in some cases reducing menopause symptoms.

Results from the study (1) include:

● * 86% of trial subjects gave LOVERA the highest possible score saying its benefits were “very good”.
● * 95% of subjects had no issues with the product
● * 100% satisfaction from those participating in the test

Try LOVERA risk free with the 60-day money back quality guarantee. Visit, and watch how women are discovering the LOVERA difference with increased libido and sexual desire.


LOVERA is a natural nutritional supplement to effectively and safely boost libido as well as satisfaction during sex. Lack of sexual drive can create a strain on both partners, with the female feeling inadequate and the male feeling unwanted. Lack of regular sexual activity leads to significant psychological stress that can extend into therapy visits, negative feelings and arguments in unrelated areas of life. However, the underlying reasons for lack of female libido are most often related to physiological rather than psychological factors. The entire cycle of negative feelings can be thwarted by successfully restoring desire with LOVERA.

The reasons for disinterest in sex include: stress and anxiety, weak sensations, absence of orgasms and a lack of energy. LOVERA’s many high quality natural ingredients create a delicate balance of extremely beneficial botanicals all into one single (and super convenient) capsule


(1) Study conducted in Germany by Dr. Pawelke, M.D., October – December 2012. The patients had on average an age of 39 years (minimum 36, maximum 64 years), a body height of 169 cm (minimum 158, maximum 180 cm), and a body weight of 72 kg (minimum 48, maximum 104 kg).
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