About Khadija

Activist, philanthropist, ex-runway model and survivor, Senegal-born Khadija Donatelli Neumann can now add entrepreneur to her multifaceted career.

This 5 foot 10 Amazonian beauty, was born and raised with 12 siblings in poverty-stricken M’Bour, 50 miles south of Dakar. Against impossible odds and armed with determination and a can-do attitude, Khadija made the giant leap from Africa to Europe in 1996 to pursue her dream of becoming a model.

She settled in Geneva initially, then headed for Paris, where a chance meeting in an elevator with the CEO of Metropolitian Models would change the course of her career and led to a meeting with Yves Saint Laurent, for whom she became a muse and inspiration for many of his creations. She subsequently worked with couture legends galore including Christian Dior, Armani, Dolce & Gabbana, Louis Vuitton, Isaac Mizrahi, and Eli Saab.

In 2001, Khadija also featured as a rising black artist and activist in the celebrated book, Amazones of Soul, a stylish byproduct of fashion photographer Thierry Le Goues’ collaboration with Paco Rabanne.

In 2009, she swapped Paris for Manhattan, signed with New York Model Management, and continued to appear in countless international campaigns as one of the most popular models on the roster.

Career driven, she left her personal life on the back burner until she met her future husband, photographer/filmmaker/artist Andreas Neumann (‘Dre’), during a photo shoot in London. After jet-setting between homes in New York, Milan and Paris, they settled down in Los Angeles, where they are currently raising their 12-year-old daughter.

A self-made woman in every sense, Khadija has never forgotten her humble beginnings. Turning her gaze towards giving back, she became interested in the wellness industry and co-created a unique formula to help women through the various stages of menopause. And after extensive clinical testing, spearheaded by Dr. Rainer Pawelke in Germany (through Haupt Pharma), Lovera is finally here to help millions of women worldwide.

A natural product packed with powerful ingredients including pomegranate, maca root, and soyasoflavone, Lovera is a finely calibrated blend of the finest super foods engineered to balance hormones. Designed to be taken in pill form, three times daily, Lovera has been found to have a surprising, but thrilling side effect. It increases the female libido.

Having always lived by the “carpe diem” mantra, Khadija is now directing that energy, passion and enthusiasm towards Lovera. Her newfound purpose in life is simple – she wants to help women around the world rediscover their sexuality with Lovera, a crusade which is deeply personal.

In her native Africa, an estimated 90 million women have been subjected to genital mutilation in order to control and diminish their sexual desire. A procedure which still takes place today, is typically performed on pre-pubescent girls – without anesthesia — that leaves them with a scar which deems them suitable for marriage. It also leaves them with greatly reduced sexual sensation.

Khadija’s support for Lovera is a game-changer. Arriving with the backdrops of the Time’s Up and #metoo movements, this ‘miracle in a bottle’ is indeed a product for our times. And thanks to Khadija, a percentage of the sale price of each bottle sold will be donated to Solidaires Femmes Gas, an organization to support women around the world, for which she is Senegal’s representative in the United States.

Khadija is available for interviews to discuss the role of Lovera and the way in which it is already changing the lives of women.